Episode #012 : Ellen Chisa | Harvard MBA Dropout | Entrepreneurship and Product Management

Until recently, Ellen Chisa was the VP of Product at Lola, a mobile travel-concierge company. She has previously worked as Product Manager at Kickstarter and Microsoft. Besides that, Ellen regularly teaches Product Management at universities and at General Assembly. She is currently working on her own startup idea, with a simple goal: make it possible to build a complete scalable app in an afternoon.

Ellen started her MBA at Harvard Business School but decided to not continue with the course, but rather go back into the industry after one year of business school – going back to school Ellen realised that tinkering gave her more joy than being in the classroom. After her first year at Harvard, she spent the summer working at Blade, a consumer tech incubator – that is the company that turned into Lola, where Ellen was until recently the VP of Product.

Ellen is writing a digital book on her product management essays. You can pre-order that here.

Ellen is reachable on LinkedIn, Twitter or Medium.

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