Episode #015 : Raj Mukherjee | Columbia & UC Berkeley Haas MBA | Product Leader, Startup Investor & Advisor

Raj Mukherjee currently works as Senior Vice President of Product at Indeed – one of the most well-known job search sites in the world. In this role, he leads the day-to-day operations of the global Product team, growing their core products and drives new product innovation.

Raj has done his engineering in Computer Science and has earned joint MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and Columbia Business School.

Raj’s career has transitioned from being a Product Manager at Microsoft where he was working on Online Services division, following which he worked on the Enterprise Platform team at Google—leading the product management for Domains for Google Apps and Google Drive for Enterprises. Going on from there, Raj joined GoDaddy as SVP of Product and was responsible for helping their 14 million customers build successful businesses online, following which he moved to Indeed.

However, along the way, Raj has also invested in and mentored several early stage companies such as FindYahan, that was acquired by Zimmber in India; Mosix Tech which is also based in India and he is also an advisor at Flok, a customer loyalty platform based in the Bay Area.

You can reach him on LinkedIn here.

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