Episode #017 : Alex Mitchell | George Washington University MBA (Part-Time) | Product Director & Author

Alex Mitchell is currently the Director of Product at Upside Travel. Previously, he was a Product Manager for Vistaprint and Webs, which was acquired by Vistaprint back in 2011.  Alex started his career at JP Morgan, where he was the Assistant Vice President for Marketing Analytics.

Alex has done BBA in Finance from University of Michigan and later went on to do his MBA from George Washington University, which he finished earlier this year.

Alex describes himself to be passionate about creating and growing powerful web and mobile products that make a significant impact in millions of people’s lives.

I first came across Alex when I read his Medium post, where he breaks down his experience and insights from doing his MBA and asks the million dollar question: is this degree worth it?

Alex is reachable on LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and on his website.

Alex’s Medium article can be found here. 

Get a copy of Alex’s book on Product Management here.

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