HR Expert with the heart of a Techie – London South Bank University MBA – Bhumika Zhaveri – Ep. #38

Bhumika Zhaveri has done her MBA from London South Bank University (LSBU).

Bhumika is the founder of a company called Interimarket™. InteriMarket™ is a unique platform built to solve the challenges modern organisations face in attracting, evaluating and retaining project based highly skilled talent.

Before Interimarket, Bhumika has largely worked in HR & Resource Management in various organisations across London, UK.

Machine Learning & AI Enthusiast – techie at heart with expertise in HR, Recruitment, Project Management, Change & Transformation.

As a female tech entrepreneur, she advocates #GirlsinTech #WomeninTech and challenges the traditional views that suffocate the growth of brilliant talent due to biases and perceptions. As thought leader within her sector, you will find her regularly writing for well-known publications including HR Tech Weekly & Partners on a wide range of topics, feel free to check them out via company page @InteriMarket


Article on whether MBA is worth it or not:

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