What is The MBA Jam?

What is The MBA Jam?

The MBA Jam aims to bring forth the experiences and learnings of doing an MBA by interviewing Alumni of various universities across the world and other stakeholders who play a key role in this ecosystem.

I am looking for people who can speak honestly about their experiences and are willing to share these with prospective applicants who are considering doing an MBA and are weighing the pros and cons involved in making that decision.

Each interview on the show is unscripted, free-flowing and deep diving. Laying down all the masks, armour and judgement, through honest storytelling and personal enquiry, we explore:

● More about you and your profession/business

● Your career path

● Your reasons to choose MBA

● Your reasons to choose your university

● Your decision making process post-MBA

● Key insights out of your time at your university and how that contributed to your life and career after

● Any regrets or key learnings you wish you had before / after MBA

● Top 3 career and tips for those considering to study MBA

Interview Style

Over the years, I’ve had several people come up to me to inquire about the pros and cons of doing an MBA. What they are hungry for is to hear other people speak honestly about their journey – wherever they are at – the good, the bad, the ugly, the wild, the messy, the magic.

What this means is that I’m asking you to show up without masks, armour or agendas. To speak purely from a place of learning and experience. We will use the above bullet points only as a guide for our conversation but will also be open to seeing what may arise.

It is less about preparation and more about bringing in your true experiences. I believe, this is what future MBAs are craving and what our world needs more of right now.

The technical stuff

The interview will be audio only via Skype and recorded at my end. I’ll need you for about one hour. Your interview will be part of my free series available via iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast players.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m very excited to share your story.

Thank you once again for willing to be a contributive part of others’ journeys.

Avinash Bajaj